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The computer-generated texts are not visible on the interface, but can be found in the image tag of the HTML source code. The images in the book are black-white inverted so that their contents are not immediately recognizable to the reader. This manipulation also enhances the contrast in the photo so that outlines of figures are more prominent. While the automated captions may be more helpful than not having alternative text at all, this book explores the experience of automated accessibility.

Seeing is Reading – Free Eyeglasses!

These books can be purchased at unknownunknowns. Pair of books contrasting training computers to see like humans and teaching humans to read like computers. Reading follows the same manner. Highly skilled readers take words and piece them together to form and understand concepts.

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Unless you can read minds, you will not. If you read one sentence in a paragraph or if you choose certain words, the complete picture is not fully understood.

That is why all words are important. In a paragraph, each sentence clarifies the preceding sentence. Authors write in a pattern so that readers can follow information.

But sometimes the author makes a statement that needs clarification. Trust that she will clarify. The writer does not want to lose you—she wants readers to follow, so if you guess, you will lose the message.

Reading requires adjusting images as you continue to learn more. Reading and seeing is much different than guessing.

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Seeing Film and Reading Feminist Theology - A Dialogue | U. Vollmer | Palgrave Macmillan

Have you ever read a novel and formed a picture of a character, but by the middle of the book, your impression of that character was entirely different? If you neglected to add all the character elements, you would not fully see and conceptualize from your reading. It is important to readjust your imagery as you read. When we read, see, add images, and then connect those pieces, we gain strong understanding.

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Sometimes readers need to read with a blank page, meaning that they come to the text with the absence of a preconceived idea about the content. Whenever you think of comprehending, think of that big jigsaw puzzle. You need every piece to complete the puzzle.